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Originally Posted by nofuture View Post
Mossad useful idiot
oh you cheer now

how amusing that Robinson is going to be jailed for REPORTING THE TRUTH

and you think it's a victory for who ?

do you support jailing British people who don't accept Islam ?

how do you like the idea of Polygamy for Islam but not for you in the UK you useless **** ?

and BTW yeh I am UK citizen by birth and not allowed to return to UK with wife and two kids because I do not meet the magic number of income because in their own words :

I can never become a burden on society

But Polygamy ? Arranged marriages ?

no fkin problem ey ?

are you even surprised Mossad contacted Robinson considering who he decided to act against ?

you do realize everything Robinson has said in the past has been entirely true right ?

grooming gangs / forced marriages / FGM / extremists invited into the country left right and center promoting Jihad ..............

but nevermind ey ? as long as Israel is fucked up beyond recognition then Islam will calm down right ?

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