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Originally Posted by ipso facto View Post
Do you think that every child that is taken away comes from a loving family? Love can be shown in some very odd ways. What do you think the government have to gain from 'stealing' children from their families? Are these children taken and made to work down the mines or do the government use them for experimental purposes, or slave trade? What actually is the purpose or the gain from taking perfectly happy normal children away from loving families? What about all those children who have died at the hands of their loving family because Social Services did not act? Come on, strike a balance. I wouldn't send your letter to anyone unless you have heaps of evidence of individual cases where this has happened.

A child snatching protocol - what planet do you live on? Social Services have guidelines to follow if they consider a child is in danger - if the family have done no wrong or have not brought any kind of attention to themselves like not registering a birth etc - then where mistakes are made are a few isolated cases in the 1000s that have been for the benefit of the child.
I am one person this has happened to and I happen to know many more. IN fact Nancy Schaeffer was killed for exposing what CPS is doing to children and families.
There are many reasons why, but the fact remains that they take children at gunpoint without investigations after breaking in to peoples homes all the time.
They did it to me LIVE on my radio show. I guess that's what I get for not shutting up and for not complying with their system and for not taking their drugs and poisons and drinking their explosives, growing our own food and homeschooling...

If you like I can give you many more examples...

I think it's time for people to take note before it happens to you.
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