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Originally Posted by ipso facto View Post
Do you think that every child that is taken away comes from a loving family? Love can be shown in some very odd ways. What do you think the government have to gain from 'stealing' children from their families? Are these children taken and made to work down the mines or do the government use them for experimental purposes, or slave trade? What actually is the purpose or the gain from taking perfectly happy normal children away from loving families? What about all those children who have died at the hands of their loving family because Social Services did not act? Come on, strike a balance. I wouldn't send your letter to anyone unless you have heaps of evidence of individual cases where this has happened.

A child snatching protocol - what planet do you live on? Social Services have guidelines to follow if they consider a child is in danger - if the family have done no wrong or have not brought any kind of attention to themselves like not registering a birth etc - then where mistakes are made are a few isolated cases in the 1000s that have been for the benefit of the child.

Oh and dear readers... Ipso has announced his true identity in his avatar there, note the duality colours, the top hat... its illuminasty all the way. And he has also specified that NOT REGISTERING your children is the way to get that negative attention from the vile powers that be.... when in truth, if you dont REGIS-ter your precious baby, the powers that be have no contractual rights to it. However, if you register, that child is technically a package, if you will, whose parents have given up ownership of... came down the BERTH (where you park a ship) canal (another admiralty term) and wasnt picked up by anyone, so the state gets to take control of it.... they let you raise it and pay for it though - and retain teh right to intervene if they think youre doing it wrong.... so when you register youre basically giving up all right to say its yours, and that you will have the last say in how it will be treated.... and yknow, its perfectly lawful not to register a child... how i wish i had known that before, like a gazillion sheep before me, i signed my right to parent away to an uncaring and corrupt state.
Wake up people... IPSO is paid to argue the cause for the state and uphold the fantasy that the state has our best interests, and those of our children at heart.. the state does not give a rats ass, about caring or love of children. WEre just packages to them, human resources that they use to float their financial boat with our labour, our energy, and our lives.
Love, Jill
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