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great post

I did some research a while back on mercury detox and cilantro and chlorella in combination came up quite a bit

but cilantro is basically coriander leaves - get it fresh as possible or grow yoru own

with the food its why they want it all GM, to destroy the health benefits, nice eh

also for the pathogens they'll inject with the vaccine take colloidal silver - I saved up and bought my own maker from america (im saving for the water filter to create the distilled water to use in conjunction with it) like you I have a kid - if I didn't, I doubt i'd bother to be honest, I think they at least deserve a chance, but for me personally I have no compulsion to stay in this world anymore

Essiac is also a very powerful detox

how to make cilantro tincture from coriander:

in a nutshell....bascially throw some coriander/vodka in blender

Start with something simple like a Cilantro tincture, often used in concentrated form to chelate heavy metals out of the blood. Locate an organic source and purchase enough fresh Cilantro to fill an average blender.

Step 2Wash the Cilantro and pack it tightly into the blender right to the top of the container. Add the liquid medium, a concentrated edible alcohol (for human consumption, not rubbing alcohol) like EverClear or Vodka. Fill to ¾ full with the alcohol.

Step 3If using a blender, remove woody stems. If using a Vitamix, simply wash the Cilantro. Blend slowly at first, gradually increasing speed until the Cilantro has been completely blended into the alcohol medium. This should take about 60 seconds. If a reverse function is available, use it briefly or pulse it 5-10 times to increase blending.

Step 4Pour the Cilantro mixture into the gallon jar and shake it, then set it aside on a nearby surface where you will see it daily. Label the jar with the herbal contents and the date it was made. Since it is in alcohol, it does not need refrigeration. At least once a day when you pass the container, pick it up and shake it thoroughly.

Step 5Shake the mixture daily for a minimum of 6 weeks – longer is better. The herb’s properties will leach into the alcohol. Continuing this process for months only makes it stronger.

Step 6When ready, wash hands thoroughly (rather than using latex gloves), and filter the contents through a clean cotton cloth such as T-shirt material, cheese cloth, or a large coffee filter, into a large mixing bowl or other wide mouth container, to remove the fibrous material.

Step 7After pouring all liquid through the filter, manually squeeze every last drop of liquid into the bowl, retaining the fiber, which can be left open for the alcohol to evaporate off and then put into compost. Wash hands again.

Step 8Use a funnel to fill jars and dropper bottles, and tighten the caps. Label each container with contents, the date made, and the date strained out.
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