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Originally Posted by twilight_sparkle View Post
A great many celebrity backstories are fabricated, you need only to look at the X Factor to know that, eg Leona Lewis being a secretary, when really she was an already signed artist who had been working with Ludacris and went to the Brit School! Adele and Katherine Jenkins also.

I think that what tends to happen is the record company has a concept for a new " product", and have to cast an actor to play the role given to them. Britain's Got Talent, has done this twice with rags to riches stories, Paul Potts and Susan Boyle, both actors who were scouted to play storylines written for them just like in WWE wrestling!
Exactly... people take music bios to heart, and they can say whatever the artist or record company wants them to say. They may even be prewritten and they go looking for, as you put it, the actors to play the parts that were written in that bio.

The Beatles "Biography" has been repeated verbatim in every MSM article, book, movie, radio program.... hundreds of times in as many different places. The repetition and sheer volume of it is what makes it stick as real, just like having false history hammered into our brains at school.

It doesn't mean it's real and exact down to the letter though, it may be a complete lie. How much is the Beatles "Industry" worth? Billions? Easily. there are people who would keep their mouth shut/kill for a lot less than that.

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