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The Winged Beatle, extended version widescreen. This is bizarre and in some spots down right freaky. The Crowley asociation/influence is there, Manson is there, including how an inscription on the door at Spahn Ranch wound up on Abbey Road "1,2,3,4,5,6,7 All Good Children....(Go To Heaven) except Abbey Road came out after that...etc. Specific references to Crowley and th Book of Magick at 17:15 and 27:15.

The oft repeated backwards masking of "Turn me on dead man" (Forwards, backwards -- above below) could be an invocation of Crowley. I know some of you all need the Beatles to be The friendly - old - of - course - they're - not - associated - with - anything - nasty Beatles, but ..... it just isn't like that. At all.
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