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Originally Posted by blackster View Post
Thank you dalem for bringing it to our attention
and i'm sorry about the dodgy fuckers supplying your health shop with shite, it makes you wonder if there really is any such thing as genuine Himilayen salt doesn't it

any advice on distilled water will be greatly appreciated, thank you
Also this... for everyone

Brian Clemenet on Sodium

Just to be clear..
Brian says the body only needs organic sodium and eating any kind of salt will cause the arteries to shrink or cease up a bit (not certian whether he said arteries but he compared it to when you put salt on a wound and it ceases up)

Gabriel seems to recommend it to remineralize your body and also remineralize water and to connect you with the earth energies.

But I doubt prolonged or daily use of some things is a bad idea.

And also this, because 2012 is exciting and I love Gabriel Cousens haha
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