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Default The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

Davis needs a spark to start a fire. Turns out her little girl had matches in her arm cast all along:

That's one-arm(33) symbolism, like we saw in 10 Cloverfield Lane, combined with Matches = 4+1+2+3+8+5+10 = 33 (Single Reduction).

The finale takes place on Rainbow Bridge above Niagara(33) Falls.

The chakras are represented by the colors of the rainbow and are a bridge to higher consciousness. There are cars everywhere and a bomb is attached to an 18-wheeler. This helicopter(666) has been chasing her around for a good deal of the movie and plays a major role here at the end.

Both Davis and Jackson have resurrection scenes. Both this movie and Enemy of the State include scenes with Larry King's CNN show, a possible king-concept reference.

This movie was structured around Masonic symbolism and numerology. It was written as such from the start. Plus it includes a plan for false flag terrorism to be blamed on Muslims, killing about 4000 people. Sounds familiar.
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