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Default The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

This guy holds Sam Jackson at gunpoint while showing him a picture Jackson drew, saying it looks like a man's penis. Jackson says, "That's a duck, not a dick". They've found another creative way to work in duck symbolism. Plus right before this, the gunman mentions NASA(666R).

Jackson's name in the movie is Hennessey. I figured it was a reference to alcohol(33) but googled it anyway. The first thing that comes up is a car tuning company called Hennessey Performance Engineering. The alchohol is spelled without an 'e' before the last letter. Jackson's character spells his name like the car company.

This sequence takes place at an 'old mill' which has horse stables(33S/666R). They tie Davis to the water mill:

This is great. They attach her to a wheel/watermill for cyclic symbolism, just as we saw earlier with the Dutch Cabins windmill.

There's an amusement park in Atlantic City(?). Ferris wheel, star-shaped lights, and a pyramid with lit capstone.

There are several one-eye shots. Here she winks for no real reason.

Duct/Duck tape. Duck symbolism. I've wondered before about this being the reason for ventilation duct scenes in Die Hard and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

These double reels keep popping up. A probable reference to the two circles of the vesica piscis or the two orbits of our binary star system. I thought I posted about them earlier, but I cant find anything. They've been in Enemy of the State, Seven, Pulp Fiction, etc.

Great shot here of Sam/Charly standing in front of an Exit sign and a clock displaying 3:22, the Skull n Bones number. Exits signs mean something. 9/11 references in this movie may mean the Exit sign says to escape from New York in 2001.

This is a distinct perspective shot, allowing them to use the railing above as the background. There are three X's in the railing. XXX=666. Plus there are horns on the animal head. Horns may symbolize consciousness growing out of the physical body/mind.

Volkswagen Beetle shows up again....and again and again and again...

Then there's this classic 9/11-reference scene, which is the reason I watched in the first place:

Occult Corporate Logos Summary:

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