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Subaru has an ad campaign called "Dog Tested. Dog Approved."

Here one dog picks another up from a bowling alley.

Bowling has been used symbolically in movies like the Masonic The Big Lebowski.

Two dogs in a car now.

Bowling pins are placed in the shape of a tectractys:

From :
"The tetractys...,or tetrad, or the tetractys of the decad is a triangular figure consisting of ten points arranged in four rows: one, two, three, and four points in each row, which is the geometrical representation of the fourth triangular number. As a mystical symbol, it was very important to the secret worship of Pythagoreanism. There were four seasons, and the number was also associated with planetary motions and music."

"There are some who believe that the tetractys and its mysteries influenced the early Kabbalah. A Hebrew tetractys has the letters of the Tetragrammaton inscribed on the ten positions of the tetractys, from right to left. It has been argued that the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, with its ten spheres of emanation, is in some way connected to the tetractys, but its form is not that of a triangle. The occultist Dion Fortune writes:

There are a series of these commercials:

One white and one black dog, as in Sirius A and Sirius B, the latter being the Black Dog star? Maybe.

Dog in cars.

I dont have time to interpret all these right now, but in one commercial, the driving dogs go to a pet store called 'Noah's Ark'. Our second sun will bring the disasters which will require another Noah's Ark, or something similar.
Occult Corporate Logos Summary:
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