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Default Land Rover 2018

I found the commercial. Not sure why an advertisement would be hard to find. You'd think they'd want you to look for it.

Originally Posted by iamwhoam View Post
I still dont see the new commercial I started talking about, but here are some basic pics:
I've just replaced the pictures from the original post here:

This is what initially got my attention. Single-eye symbolism.

Then a dog. Looking into a tunnel is probably significant. Tunnels have come up in some symbolic situations. They could represent the pathway of the kundalini or a journey from darkness to light.
Tunnels = 2+3+5+5+5+3+10 = 33 (Single Reduction)
Dogs in the trunk(33R) again. Cars and dogs.
The single-eye, dogs, and cars are enough, but there are a few more shots which could be Masonic:

Horses. Four Horsemen. Four Seasons of the Great Year.

Anything underground or in tunnels could mean something.

The rolling stone of alchemy? The rough ashlar of Masonry? Probably.

Someone goes inside a tree (of life?). Shadow of a stairway... And there's this tower in the middle of some water:

This could easily be interpreted Masonically. The third pillar/colulmn/tower?

Cars and dogs... The dog star is Sirius.
Occult Corporate Logos Summary:

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