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I just read this in The True Masonic Chart, or Hieroglyphic Monitor (1851) by Jeremy L. Cross:

Shooting star image earlier in the book.

I've been looking out for discussion of the sword and heart imagery I related earlier to the adrenaline shot to the heart in Pulp Fiction.

Recently, I quoted a Freemason who equated God, the Grand Architect of the Universe, and the All-Seeing Eye with a 'Grand Central Sun', which he in turn associated with the precession of the equinoxes. See below.

Jeremy Cross says the sun, moon, and stars obey the all-seeing eye and then brings comets into the discussion. I posted a very similar quote from a Masonic website a while back. See below.

I'm biased, but I read the quote as an alluding to the comet-like orbit of Sirius, our binary partner, around the Sun. Above, the shooting star is shown among major symbols of Masonry. It clearly means something.

There is a heart chakra. A sword into a heart might represent the death of this chakra, which would occur upon the departure of our second sun. Cross says that, sooner or later, justice will overtake us. This idea of something occurring in the future to judge our sins, like the second coming of Christ or the New Jerusalem, might refer to the Golden Age ahead. Maybe the sword activate the heart chakra. Not sure. Still speculating.

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From Astrology of the Old Testament or The Lost Word Regained (1892) by Karl Anderson:
"All nature, all systems, worlds, and the entire universe obey one immutable law, viz., magnetism; and the one great power and grand central magnet is God. The knowledge of the power of magnetism was part of the great wisdom of the Magi, or wise men of the east." - p. 15.

"All things are governed by attraction and repulsion. All attraction and repulsion merge in one great centre, the great father and mother, God, the great creator, God, the grand central sun." - p. 16.

"...and as periodical revolutions in matters mundane are produced from this celestial power, we must come to the conclusion that some one great planet, or power equally potent at all points, something perfect in circle, of untiring, never-ceasing strength and energy and knowledge, must be that power; some grand central sun must be that power, a constant giver of life, a constant source of vibration, of immense magnetic force, capable of holding the entire universe in position, and giving light, life, energy, and the powers of reproduction to all." - p. 17-18.

"Freemasonry, without doubt, too, has unveiled and kept alive the arts and sciences, religion and belief and faith of the ancients, more than any other thing; and to the initiated and cultured Mason, the great central and spiritual sun is the illimitable, ineffable, and stupendous architect of the universe..." p. 29.

"As the sun, the grand centre of our planetary system, was thousands of years since known to be the source of all life on earth, it is but little wonder that the omnipotent God should have been considered as a grand central sun..." - p. 29.

"The great central fire, the sun of suns, the governor and king of all the hosts of solar systems, of all the immense hosts of worlds upon worlds, the innumerable suns called the fixed stars, computed as 118,000,000 as seen through telescopic vision, and still millions upon millions too far away in space to see distinctly with the utmost power of the largest telescope yet made. Around this focus, the Almighty One, this Soul of Universe, this All-seeing Eye, all these hosts revolve once in 25,848 years, as formerly reckoned by the Chaldeans, but which is rightly 25,920 years, during which period every planet and star or sun has passed through each sign of the zodiac. And these figures added together make the golden number calculated from the serpent of Isis. And this last figure is correct by proof; for unless the amount can be divided both by the serpent of Osiris as well as of Isis, the number is imperfect; and 25,920 is perfect. "The law of the Lord is perfect." - p. 33-4.

"...or the Lamb of R A or God, the grand central sun." - p. 54.
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This is one of the oldest and most widespread symbols denoting God. We find it in Egypt, in India, and in the Old Testament. The Open Eye of Egypt represented Osiris. In India Siva is represented by an eye."
We are taught of it as the "All-Seeing Eye whom the sun, moon, and stars obey and under whose watchful care even comets perform their stupendous revolutions.""
In this description of the all-seeing eye on this Masonic site, they suddenly turn the conversation to comets. That seems strange, unless they are referencing the comet-like orbit Sirius has around Earth in our binary star system.

The Anderson and Cross quotes combine the all-seeing eye with something which controls revolutions of celestial objects.

The last Anderson quote once again tells us that the star in the East followed by the Three Kings is Sirius. That means Sirius is very important to birth-of-the-Christ symbolism. Jesus' birth occurred at the start of the Age of Pisces. The Christ is the higher consciousness being man becomes in the Golden Age, which Virgil mentioned in 42 BC when he predicted the birth of a boy. Virgil is quoted on the pyramid of the Masonic Great Seal. Connect the dots. The grand central sun is Sirius, the bringer of the Golden Age.
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