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yea my old friend fugetty.

I was having trouble with a post to Curly.

Sorry Fugetty Es gibt keinen Google-Übersetzer für sprechenden Drachen.

Warren Zevon
Werewolves Of London

Why its was on that very subject.

about strangely enough It was on how the older generation might view technology achievement as Evillll. Vs how a younger person might view it all very different.

AC-DC Thunderstruck / Jet Fighters

Still waiting for me to die are you.
So your evil empire will prevail or something like that. Why don't you just come an kill me your self. I die like any one else don't I.

Resident Evil Movie Intro HD

bit extreme but sum up site probably used for development 2 years ago.

Once Curly passed by they would of packed up n continental some where else. They know him he is considered an asset to the UK.

See that bottom image The Queen believes in love even at her age She believes in it. So much so she cut off. any ones dick an balls. Who even try to mess with her kingdom. She is the head of her Church. that is the device she would use. in front of her face. probably right around that place.

I should put an image here but i think might misunderstood at this time.

Right now fudgetusk Curly is showing images 100's of times far more dynamic an over time. then the image images i have picked so far. He say's go for it Skys. Because he not afraid of his friend. Honor is all we know.

fudgetusk maybe these images are for the next king. They don't have be understood by you or any one at all. Maybe they only have to be understood by the one's who have to know.

for the really hard of think Curly probably found the next Brit bird in development. an more. We get this great top view an the bottom in a smaller image. an a very sweet front view. we don't get see her tiny hiny.. We see by her angle's she stealth has a Her wings an drive train make her special it seem. This would all make the Queen excited. an the plane may even be out or in production. coming soon as they say

The other 3 would not.

My self fudgetusk I'm not here to give up. anyone's or nations national surrity. Or to start protest or wars. It not what me or someone like curl is in this for. It was never about what general people value ; like money. Money is just part of a small equassion. Curly did not think of the millions he might make while posting for 10 years. He thought about how he might better teach 1 or may be 2. something they might not imagined possible. Not only possible but repeatable It happen then it happening now. Not only is happening right this second but he can track it. Not only that my friend but may be possible to say track something like say a NUKE gone missing

Honestly I have to say ; it's fuckin briant.

fudgetusk People see only what they want. what best suit them. Some people are not meant to see at all. My dad is like that. That's kinda what faith is about. An the difference between faith n beliefs

My Name is Nobody (1973) — Bird, Cowpie, & Coyote Story

Skys Why John Lennon give peace a chance. my friend
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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