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Some peoples kneejerk reaction is to want to fight but we are not facing an enemy in pitched battle

For example the templars were suppressed but they only came back stronger because they were networked. They knew who their fellow cabal members were while the rest of society didn't so they were able to work away in secret and manouvre their personnel into positions of power and influence

So apart from the moral problem with using violence to solve problems there is also the problem that it doesn't eradicate the problem it just drives it underground where it becomes a poison in the body politic

I think instead of attacking people we need to be thinking about what kind of society we want

This way we can then all start to live that reality and those who disagree with us ie those that want to impose their control on us will have to just lump it

Instead of persecuting sections of humanity we need instead to build a society in which people are free to live free so that they are protected from anyone who would impose their control

I think we need to recognise that if powerful concentrations of power are formed those can then always be infiltrated and subverted by the cabal who have centuries of practise at that. those powerful institutions can then be turned on the people

So we need to not permit powerful structures that can be used by the cabal. When some people try to then form one we can all instantly know ''ok we see their game here...they are making a bid for power''

This is why we need to explore the nature of power structures like government, central banks and corporations so we can understand how such things are subverted and used against us

We then need to offer alternatives that cannot be hijacked by those with agendas. This is a problem facing ALL of humanity
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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