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Does anyone have any solid information on the names of these ultra-rich families in Europe and Asia that stay out of the spotlight and might be pulling the strings of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and co.? I've always had the sense that George Soros, for example, as powerful and influential as he is, is probably just a frontman and gopher for higher-ups.

Also, do you think it's likely that all these supposed ruling families may have been usurped and subordinated at some point in the mid to late 20th century by the 'breakaway civilization' group in the US military-industrial complex who gained access to exotic non-human technology through UFO crash retrievals (perhaps deliberately seeded by 'the others') and direct contact with 'aliens' themselves?
Some people have written about the illuminati bloodlines for example fritz springmeier in his book 'bloodlines of the illuminati'

Some people point to 13 bloodlines which is an interesting number because it is the number of people in a coven. It is also a lunar number being the number months in the lunar year

Dean Henderson has written some good books and articles which you can find online that look at who the 8 families are behind the federal reserve

Even a little time going on a wikipedia adventure can yield a lot of insight because if you look into one family eg the rothschilds or the rockefellers or the oppenheimers and you then also click on the names of people and then if you then explore people mentioned on their page you begin to see a network of people that are all inter-married

But more than that they are also connected in business because they have inter-locking business connections

Their vehicle of choice for global domination has been the shareholder corporation which has enabled them to hide behind faceless logos and brands

But if you dig into those a little you find that the same old people own the shares and sit on the boards of those companies

If you go on the wikipedia page for the council on foreign relations you can then click on the link for 'members' and also 'corporate members' and scan the lists and this can help build a picture of what the network looks like

Anyone can do this. It takes no effort or time at all. Its right there at your finger tips, just a few clicks away

One of the best books i've read for helping to understand the network is Dean Hendersons book 'Big OIl and their bankers in the persian gulf'

Every single page is packed with information that details the connections between people and organisations and businesses as Dean follows the old journalists maxim: FOLLOW THE MONEY. There is too much information to take in in one sitting but what the book enables you to do is to hear through repetition the same names being mentioned again and again and again linked to all the same old problems and scandals so that over the course of the book you begin to see the web
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