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Default Who are the Ultra Rich Families the Rothschilds and co. answer to?

Does anyone have any solid information on the names of these ultra-rich families in Europe and Asia that stay out of the spotlight and might be pulling the strings of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and co.? I've always had the sense that George Soros, for example, as powerful and influential as he is, is probably just a frontman and gopher for higher-ups.

Also, do you think it's likely that all these supposed ruling families may have been usurped and subordinated at some point in the mid to late 20th century by the 'breakaway civilization' group in the US military-industrial complex who gained access to exotic non-human technology through UFO crash retrievals (perhaps deliberately seeded by 'the others') and direct contact with 'aliens' themselves?

Is the top level (at least in human terms) of the global control hierarchy like a group of mafia families that squabble and vie for the temporary seat at the head of the table, but all agree on the overall agenda for human enslavement, or do you think it works differently than that?

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