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Please do give it a try. Here is a post I never put up about pay to play just after pay to play was coined.

Pay to play got real bad after JFK was assassinated. It was always here. As soon as the founding fathers died off pay for play was a rule. Everything that is taxed or controlled is pay for play. Real estate is pay for play. You spend a great deal of your life paying for it. The tax payments never stop, if they do they take your land from you. Someone owns the oil rights and it is not the land owner.You did not pay to play for it. Speaking of the oil companies they pay to play. They will tell you they have billions invested in oil tracks. It's a lie, Check who pays for wells drilled. What they are telling you if truth enters the picture is they have the pay for play rights to gouge billions from you the taxpayers. Did you know it is illegal for the government to be in business against the people? They have made the monopolies what they are. Have you wondered why there are no new small businesses? Have you wondered why new businesses are always huge and owned by the same players? The corruption from these wars are unparalleled. Wonder why the Russians could clean our clock anytime and pay a small percentage of what we spend on military.

Let's give honerable mention to the vilified tent cities. I'm talking about people driven off grid. How do they treat these people? Well they bulldoze their belongs as meger as they are and punish these people that are not paying to play.

Royalty, did we get rid of royalty in this country? Check the genealogy of both presidential runners from the last election. We have the same oppression that existed in 1776. They gave badges to the red coats.

4700 hidden patents because they are a matter of national security? Who's security? Protecting the pay for play they have in place. Free energy would have benifited the entire world, not just this country.

Black budget incomes? Check out the Department of Injustice and the royalty created law you live under. Everything is BS and you are bent over dayly. If you don't know why you're bent over you are beyond hope. Lobby money is bribe money, it is pay to play all the way and look who is doing it. All the cartels are there, Pharma, oil, auto, and add to that all the large groups like labor, industry, and banks. This is a very short incomplete list.

The level of corruption of all the political parties within the United States is beyond imagination. The first time the vote went against what the parties wanted they want to kill the president. Speaking about killing Obama had a kill list. Run that through your mind five times. Yet there are still people so full of propaganda that they would still vote for him. He ran the debt so high even your grand children are economic slaves.
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