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Originally Posted by the worm that returned View Post
Perhaps it's time to start working as communities to put an end to this then instead of relying on enquiry/operation after enquiry/operation run by people we feel are "in on it" to solve things.

I'm not talking about vigilantes, I'm talking about intelligent detective work, working alongside social services and police (including ex members of each) and victims to encourage those with information to come forward.

A bit like what Bill Maloney does but without the scary cockney edge

We create this world therefore we MUST stand up for those who are powerless to defend themselves. It is our duty. If not, then I'm afraid we're are guilty too.

Meet ups is what we need and not just those from David Icke forums.

I'm formulating a plan and I just might have some of the tools to start things off.

what you got planned? pm me, I can drive and im handy!
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