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Originally Posted by the worm that returned View Post
My point was more that if David has evidence, which hopefully he has, it should be submitted to the police. They are obliged to act upon it.

Dyfed Powys Police were told of a paedophile ring in 2002.
This also involved a death of a woman, who had been the victim
of that paedophile ring, and her daughter - the product of an
incestuous sexual encounter with her father or grandfather.
Her injuries were caused by her grandfather when she was small.
She died as a direct result of those injuries some years later.
Her daughter (approx 6 at that time) was pimped out by the father to the grandfather and others (including some local politicians).
A man went to Dyfed Powys Police and got to speak to somebody from
the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS).
He had several meetings with that particular officer,
on a weekly, then monthly basis.
Those meetings lasted approx 6 months.
One month, the NCIS officer did NOT contact that man.
The man telephoned the number given to him by the NCIS
officer working with/in Dyfed Powys Police.
He spoke to a different officer, who said that the original
officer had been moved to London (IIRC).
The new NCIS officer said he knew nothing of the case.
Cue "going through it all again from the beginning".
The new NCIS officer said he would keep in touch as per the old
officer ie once per month at least.
He never mad any such attempt!
When the 2nd NCIS officer did not contact the man,
the man telephoned the number given to him etc.
No reply at all.
The man contacted Dyfed Powys Police, who said that
the NCIS officer had been moved (did not say where!),
and that there was no longer an NCIS presence in Dyfed Powys!

The police knew of a paedophile ring, names addresses, dates etc
they did NOTHING - except make sure the files had disappeared.
Dyfed Powys police also refused to prosecute a judge who was a friend of the
then Chief Constable - Terrance Grange.
A former Deputy Chief Constable was also allowed to retire to prevent an investigation into the ritual death of a baby that he had knowledge of (if not direct involvement in).

The police are complicit in the paedophile rings, and until every single
cop who could have had anything to do with cover ups is dismissed,
charged with perverting the course of justice etc, then nobody can have
any trust what-so-ever in the police AT ALL!
No Contact! : No Comment! : Do not open the door to them!
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