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TED HEATH Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Elite Satanism, VIP Child-Abuse Networks & the Potential Collapse of the State…
Posted: August 5, 2015 in (Politics) CURRENT AFFAIRS, And Now... The Weird Stuff, HISTORY (From a Certain Point of View)

The cover-up virtually knows no limits. When known pedophile Thomas Hamilton went into Dunblane Primary School in Scotland (1996) and shot dead 16 children, the Scottish judge Lord Cullen declared that a number of vital documents relating to the case be locked away “for a hundred years”, this being apparently to protect the victims and their families. In fact, the allegation stands that it was to protect The Establishment. Because Hamilton, like Jimmy Saville, may have been a “procurer” of victim-children for Satantic/ritual abuse.

After the impeded inquiry into the shootings, no less than 106 documents were closed to the public for a century.

Elsewhere, Mary Moss and Christopher Fay made serious allegations of child sex abuse by scores of rich, powerful individuals at the infamous Elm Guest House. Mary Moss had her house raided by the Metropolitan Police and another ‘unknown, unspecified police unit’, who proceeded to destroy any and all incriminating evidence she had gathered of the Elite pedophile rings. But she managed to photograph some key evidence – including the alleged VIP pedophile list – and upload it to the Internet before they’d arrived. Including on this list were MI5 agents, a QC, the Head of Richmond Social Services, social workers, pop stars, and MPs including Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan.
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