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Originally Posted by cosmicpurpose1.618 View Post
This is not hate speech toward David Icke, I do not think he should die, but I am wondering how it is he has remained exposing the reptilian agenda unharmed for so long.

David is giving real, hard-core information which threatens to destroy the entire reptilian-earth empire. How, then have they not neutralised this massive threat to their operations??

Is it because David is in fact a reptilian agent, dribbling a little bit of info to the masses like a dangling carrot? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, as they say. However, this is improbable as the quality of David's information, and his honesty and straight-forwardness in trying to inform people is christ-like.

Or is David protected from the reptilians by an even higher force which we don't yet know about, which he may not even know is protecting him?

The interview I watched in which he discussed this, records him saying that he does not let the idea of him being killed by the reptilians in to his 'vibrational energy construct', and is therefore impossible to manifest in his reality...this is a bit of a mind f*ck, but he's basically saying, because he does not believe it can ever happen, it will never happen.

Personally I believe such a thing is possible for someone who really understands the way the mind works in relation to the formation of their reality. So I think he is telling the truth and it is simply the will of his spirit that keeps the negative forces at bay.

Please give your opinions on this?
David talks about there being a presence in an otherwise empty room in 1989. About that presence, entity or force telling him through a psyche that "he would go out into the world to reveal great secrets" and so on. It seems obvious to me that whoever or whatever that force or those entities were are now protecting him. Jordan Maxwell tells similar stories about one thing or the other protecting him.
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