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Ian Kevin Curtis (15 July 1956 – 18 May 1980) was the singer, lyricist, occasional guitarist and a songwriter in the English post-punk band Joy Division. Joy Division released their debut album, Unknown Pleasures, in 1979 and recorded their follow-up, Closer, in 1980. Suffering from epilepsy, a failing marriage and bouts of depression,Ian apparently committed suicide in May 1980 on the eve of Joy Division's first North American tour, resulting in the band's dissolution...

Ian was known for his bass-baritone voice, dance style and songwriting filled with imagery of desolation, emptiness and alienation.

Ian married Deborah Woodruff, whom he met while still at school, on 23 August 1975, when he was 19 and she was 18. His widow survives him. Their only child, a daughter, Natalie, was born on 16 April 1979. She is a photographer

Ian was born at the Memorial Hospital in Stretford in Lancashire (now part of Greater Manchester). He grew up in Hurdsfield, an area of Macclesfield, and from a young age he exhibited talent as a poet. Proof of his ability was his admission at the age of 11 to The King's School, Macclesfield with a scholarship. Despite this, he was not a dedicated student and did not further his education after receiving his O-levels...

The name "Joy Division" stemmed from the sexual slavery wing of a Nazi concentration camp in the 1955 novel The House of Dolls...

Some say it is based on a diary kept by a young Jewish girl who was captured in Poland when she was fourteen years old and forced into sexual slavery in a Nazi labour camp.

He explained the dance as a type of sign language for the lyrics: "Instead of just singing about something you could show it as well, put it over in the way that it is, if you were totally involved in what you were doing".

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