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I often think there's a lot of symbolism to the Beatles or maybe reference to historical people. Is it me or do the names Paul, John, Ringo (Richard) and George sound like religious names from the Bible.

I can't get my head around the PiD thing and, if I can believe it to be true, don't understand what purpose it has in the bigger picture. PiD theorists, including Mark Devlin, claim the Beatles were part of a social engineering programme by the Tavistock Institute to bring about change, the introduction vof LSD and change perceptions and opinions on the Vietnam war. I can completely accept the Tavistock involvement, but don't understand why they had to bunk off (if that's what happened) the real Paul. Ive heard it may be because Paul refused to take part in this plan and wanted out, however, from what I've heard is that the Beatles were set up from the start to bring about this culture change. If that's the case then they must've been fully aware and fully complicit in their purpose, unless they were so naive, or that they knew but went along with it anyway because they wanted the continued fame and fortune they were being awarded. The latter reason sounds the most likely, but wouldnt you have thought the whole group would've rebelled against after it so long and blown the whistle?.
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