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Originally Posted by tnt1 View Post
Yippee get me! I'm going a thousand miles an hour right now as the earth spins! We're all moving that fast you know and planes don't fly anywhere they just hover and let the earth move under them! Yeah it's all right there man can't you see it? Truegroup you are so full of yourself imposed brain washing from this era of dogma you are as bad as those that Newton and Darwin had to contend with when they came up with their day dream ideas!! You are not different in one iota all way down to calling those you disagree with ignorant showing your own true colors in the process! All you know is what others have told you and you cannot prove one bit of it conclusively as proven by this thread where you have done nothing but spin your wheels. Congrats on a great comedy act. I couldn't help but contribute.
There there, best you get back in the box with all the other flat nuts. The world is spinning extremely slowly for its size. People with low IQs and piss-poor education have influenced you. Your off topic post is an example of foolishness that I no longer wish to address(for the fiftieth time).
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