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This is not to scare monger you lot but it is not limited to reporting a paedo.
If you do any activism and have voice with strong backing, scientific facts etc...they, the establishment, will make your life hell till they get their way. After all, their lie must stand.

I am hearing more people's experience first hands and the first thing they'll attack you is either your reputation or take away your ability to work. Sean McG is an avid nuclear activist and he couldn't get an insurance for his bike hence he no longer could work as a courier. Had to immigrate.

Another one also attacked on the job front.

Then this.... RESPECT & R.I.P.
The funeral is held for a Ukrainian activist, who spoke out against corruption from her hospital bed before she died in hospital following an acid attack.
By all means, if it affects you and you are in a lose-lose situation whatever you do then you can't lose so you'll go ahead but jus saying.....
The psychopaths/narcs will go OCD to make your life difficult. But you need to live your life without regrets. Give your all or join the zombies.

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