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Originally Posted by truth seeker 09 View Post
The people in the UFO circles are mainly either researchers or whistleblowers. Alex Collier claims to be a contactee which sets him apart from the others.

1) Researchers have to dig up the information from sources that are available for many like books, unclassified documents and archives. My point is: If something is top secret, you usually can't find the whole truth from library or public documents. You may find the rabbit hole but you can't find how deep it really goes. A researcher can interview other researchers, whistleblowers and contactees but he/she has to make the decision whether these people are talking the truth or not. He/she has to interpret the given information very extensively.

2) Whistleblowers don't have to rely so much on other sources because they themselves have been in the middle of the action. On the other hand, we've learned that even the whistleblowers from the same place can have a totally different picture on what is going on: This guy is confident the Greys are here to help us but the other guy says the Greys are nothing but trouble. Whistleblowers also have to interpret their information to some extent since in the military and secret projects you only know what you need to know, nothing more. The people on the next security level above you could know a lot more and they may have completely different opinion about what is going on and why this and that ET race is here working with us.

3) Contactees don't have to interpret their information because it's directly from ETs, although it's possible these ETs are just manipulating them with disinformation that serves their own agenda. Also the very common problem is that the contactees don't show any physical evidence or bring their extraterrestrial friends with them to the lecture or interview.

On the other hand, we know what will happen to people who want to show any hard evidence (whistleblower Phil Schneider for example) so it's understandable that contactees don't have, for example, super clear pictures from the bases on the Moon. So you just have to trust your instincts: either he/she is a contactee or not. But if you believe someone is a real contactee, then his/hers information could be the best possible source out there or it also could be just disinformation from the lying ETs.
And you've just proved compartmentalization does indeed exist; great post
"Hypnotic state of reality
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