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I have watched almost all of Alex Collier's videos, and he seems sincere.

In my opinion, he is fed disinformation, possibly with some elements of truth. And from his predictions of doom and gloom, none of which came true (except a vague 9/11 type prediction), the agenda of those who fed him with this material cannot be good, as they are trying to spread fear and more chaos.

And since the future is largely unpredictable, and subject to the rules of chaos & fractals, in my opinion, any channel or contactee who makes prediction is talking from his bee-hind and cannot be considered a reliable source of information.

In fact the false predictions are made with a specific objective in mind: get people hooked on a message of universal peace, bla bla bla, and make a false prediction for the near future. Once the predicted events do not happen, people loose faith in the original message, and become more confused, searching for yet another source that makes predictions ... and so on (until they realize they are being duped - but a good few years are wasted in this way).

Alex's long silence can be understood - he realized he was being duped. Maybe he came back because he needs money, or to reiterate the parts of the message which he feels might be needed for humankind at this time.

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