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Exclamation Violating our free will

Originally Posted by aitch View Post
I'm curious about your answer to my previous question dude ..... why do you think these Aliens would "contact" a total nobody like Alex ..... instead of Scientists or World Leaders etc ??

Does that make any sense to you ??
I can see you've decided your opinion about Collier long time ago and that whatever answer I will give you won't change it.

The good ETs that are trying to help Earth humans have a clear rule for an evolving planet: No direct intervention. Because if they just come down here and contact the world leaders and say "You do this and you do that", it would be a violation of free will. The whole point of this is that the humanity of Earth stops being a victim and learns to activate its free will.

The good ETs like the Andromedans are trying to introduce us new thought patterns and energies but: 1) in some cases they have to do it in a way that we think it's our own idea and 2) in some cases they are using ordinary people instead of well-known people as their spokespersons so that they will not intervene too much.

This is from the 1994 interview:

Rick Keefe: Is there an Earth quarantine that the renegade Zeta-Reticulans (the Greys) violated?

Collier: Yes.

Rick Keefe: And what was that quarantine?

Collier: The quarantine was the same quarantine that any other evolving planet has: no intervention with an evolving race. But because of our genetic stock the Greys did it.
But they did it in such a way that didn’t totally violated our free will. They dangled a technological carrot to the (U.S.) government and the (U.S.) government took the bait. They said: "Sure!" For their own reasons they took the bait. And there was an exchange of technology, and there was a treaty that was signed. And this is a dilemma that the Andromedan Council has: If the United States military had said: "Go away!", the Greys would have had to have left.

This part of the interview, 3:50 >>>

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