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Originally Posted by jake_ball View Post
Well then as you know, The Mighty Zhiba was the most sinister, ruthless and diabolic, clever henchmen of our late but unlamented friend, Professor Moriarity.
I've never seen him but I've been conscious of his presence more than once.
As a matter of fact, he was directly responsible for what very nearly turned out to be my premature death on three separate occasions ~~~Sherlock Holmes
We are living in time, ruthless is necessary. If you believe in fluffy concept, you will not survive. Cut to the core, there is no fluffyness in the Universe. Fluffyness belongs to the Unicorn land where you can find candy floss clouds of all colours... arrrgh.

Do you focus on glass is half empty or half full? Becareful which you focus on.
The key is you survived. That's all it matters because it shows what you are made of.

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