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On the 3rd November 2012 in the wake of the Savile child sexual abuse exposure, Tom Watson MP wrote the following article on his website.

It's since been deleted, but I was able to access it again on the Way Back Machine.

10 days that shook my world (Excerpts)

November 3rd, 2012

"Its ten days since I raised a question about intelligence suggesting a paedophile ring that touched the very heart of a previous government. Id done so because a very credible retired child protection professional had lived with a gnawing suspicion of a cover up for many years.

Since then though, many more ordinary people have contacted me about suspicions they have had of a wider wrongdoing in some cases so heinous it made me cry.

They have talked of psychopaths marking children with Stanley knifes to show ownership. They tell of parties where children were passed around the men. They speak of golf course car parks being the scenes for child abuse after an 18 hole round.

And they have named powerful people some of them household names who abused children with impunity.

Two former police officers have raised their concerns of cover-ups. Child protection specialists have raised their fears that the network of convicted paedophile Peter Righton, the nexus of the group, was wider than at first thought. Others have identified a former cabinet minister who regularly abused young boys.

Some have raised mysterious early deaths, disappeared children, suspicious fires, intimidation and threats.

Its bewildering.

Yet the thing I learnt most from the hacking scandal, and for that matter, the Savile case, is that the intelligence was staring the police in the face. These people were hiding in daylight. So powerful, so brazen in their actions, those who had an inkling of what was happening turned a blind eye.

Or maybe none of this happened. Maybe the 50 plus emails and numerous phone calls and letters I have received were all from fantasists. Maybe the allegations of the victims made for many years, consistently to anyone that would listen, maybe theyre bogus.

The hacking scandal was about the police failing to follow clear leads of wrongdoing by powerful people. They could do this because politicians turned a blind eye.

This is potentially worse. Some of those powerful people involved in a cover up may well have been and could still be powerful politicians.

Im not going to let this drop despite warnings from people who should know that my personal safety is imperilled if I dig any deeper. Its spooked me so much that Ive kept a detailed log of all the allegations should anything happen."

In my opinion Tom Watson MP has been threatened and/or blackmailed to keep his mouth firmly shut now by those in power.

"clear intelligence linking powerful paedophile ring to UK parliament:government and number 10"

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