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Lightbulb Motor Vehicle Is Soul of Human!!!

Jesus threw the money changer out of the temple and said to the ones selling doves not to make his father's house a house of merchandise(commerce). The motor vehicle is made of doves. The selling the soul is the commerce. That principle will never change. If you think commerce is something else, you are a fool. The bible tells you the truth.

The motor vehicle is obtained through soul extraction. In the movie Cold Soul (2017), Paul soul turn out to be the a chick pea. The soul will condense into an physical when apply a certain a certain frequency through a soul extracting machine.

In the movie, Paul's soul was rented out. He got a dry chickpea because someone rented his soul. The motor vehicle is a soul which can condense to be physical and can be rented, lease, purchase, or sold. Real estate is the soul of man which is a product of soul extraction.

You don't have access to the motor vehicle. The motor vehicle is something that only secret society have access to. It is formed through alchemy.

What you receive is a 2nd grade education in school. Science is for 2nd grader. The con is to make you believe that you know everything when you are a dummy. There are elements in the periodic table that the secret society know but you don't. Secret society knows how to make the soul to be a 3rd dimension and a physical object.

For Meatloaf to be famous, he must be endorsed by the Vatican. If he publish a music out of the realm of commerce, the Vatican will order the mafia to assassinate him.

Meatloaf stated that the car is the soul and life is a highway in the music video "Meat Loaf - Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are."

The motor vehicle is actually the soul of human. It contains the body. The body is the physical substance that used by ET shapeshifter to shapeshift from the 4th dimension to the 3rd dimension. It contains the serpetine belt. That is the kundralini energy that ETs need to shapeshift to make the DNA.

The body of Christ must be fasten with a seatbelt when the motor vehicle is in motion. That is putting the communion wafers onto the motor vehicle when sold.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicle is holding the motor vehicle in a trust. The cop is confusing what you have with a motor vehicle through word con. They write a nice story that allow for identity thief. You ended up paying the bill for someone else's crime. The court hold you liable to be the agent of the person that is supposed to pay the person's debt.

What happen is that someone else sell the motor vehicle behind the scene. The corporate person ended up profiting from not following grantor's regulation on trafficking the soul.

The person is a entity granted by the state. The state is regulating as the grantor of the person how to conduct business which is traffic regulation. If you are a franchisee, the franchisor regulate how you do business.

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