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Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
I used to love having sprint races or playing football with friends at school and the buzz was in trying to beat each other.
Exactly, it was a "buzz" , a 'HIT' of chemicals , dopamines and the like that are released in your brain that you experience as a "buzz" or emotion

Just like i could smoke a bowl of herbs to trigger a chemical release, just like the 'fix' one gets from a cigarette or watching a 'scary movie' or looking at pornography, all these things TRIGGER a release of chemicals

but that is NOT any kind of 'achievement'

so it is not a real 'win', as the 'opposition' is all an act, the 'sport' teams are only on competition for the game, thus they cannot really 'win' in any way that impacts thier real life existance

Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
Competition is something that we can't get away from.
not so, I am not currently in competition with anyone

Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
Personally, I don't think about my 'competitors' in my field but I do know that if I don't keep my skills honed, someone else will get the gigs.
But that is not 'competition' because however the "someone else" tries to 'better' or even emulate you, he will not be Imani

Even if he does the exact same music as you , even if Keith Jarrett started doing 'Bollywood piano' , he would still not be 'competition' and he could not 'win'

You do not have ANY competitors in your 'field' because your 'field' is being Imani, whatever that means, 'Bollywood pianist', 'composer', 'performer', 'singer' , 'lyricist' , etc

the 'thing' that you do cannot be reduced to the mere technical aspects or even the 'material' itself, the 'thing' that you do is ALL THAT YOU ARE, every experience, thought , post you read on D.I.F, all these things shape the 'thing' that you do , not how 'proficient' or 'prolific' some other musician is

I have no 'competition' as I am not competing

there is no one else to compete with

I am the ONLY man in my field

My 'field' is being me

Even if some deluded fool tries his best to compete with me, he cannot 'win , nor can he 'lose' , he is not me , thus he is not in my 'field'

Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
And I'm looking forward to The Grand National in a fortnight.
nothing like strapping a tiny man to the back of a horse and paying him to beat it with a whip to make it run while grown men risk thier money to see which tiny man can whip which horse enough so that it reaches some arbitary goal

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