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Arrow Interstate 275

Interstate 275 (I-275) is an Interstate Highway in Tennessee that serves Knoxville by connecting the downtown with I-75/I-640/US-25W.. Measuring 2.98 miles (4.80 km) in length, the northern terminus is the junction with I-75/I-640/US-25W and the southern terminus is I-40..The two principal interstate highways serving Knoxville are Interstate 40, which connects the city to Asheville (directly) and Bristol (via I-81) to the east and Nashville to the west, and Interstate 75, which connects the city to Chattanooga to the south and Lexington to the north. The two interstates merge just west of Knoxville near Dixie Lee Junction and diverge as they approach the Downtown area, with I-40 continuing on through the Downtown area and I-75 turning north. Interstate 640 provides a bypass for I-40 travellers, and Interstate 275 provides a faster connection to I-75 for Downtown travellers headed north. A spur route of I-40, Interstate 140 (Pellissippi Parkway), connects West Knoxville with McGhee Tyson Airport...

The average electric bill was just over $96 per month.

In 2009, Knox County experienced 8 days of unhealthy air due to high levels of particulate matter, and 25 days due to high ozone levels.

The Knox County Public Library system consists of the Lawson McGhee Library, located downtown, and 17 branch libraries, overseeing a collection of over 1.3 million volumes..

Public schools in Knoxville are part of the Knox County Schools system, which oversees 89 schools (50 elementary, 14 middle, 14 high, and 11 adult centers) serving over 56,000 students. This system includes 5 magnet schools and a STEM academy...

Knoxville is home to the main campus of the University of Tennessee (UTK), which has operated in the city since the 1790s. As of 2011, UTK had an enrollment of over 27,000 and endowments of over $300 million.. The school employs over 1,300 instructional faculty, and offers more than 300 degree programs..

The Knoxville Police Department serves the citizens of Knoxville with 378 officers and a total of 530 employees.

911 ambulance service inside Knoxville is provided by Rural/Metro Ambulance under contract with Knox County...

Knoxville is governed by a mayor and nine-member City Council. It uses the strong-mayor form of the mayor-council system...

"What I Need to Do", Kenny Chesney, 1999. Lyrics include the line ". . . maybe head up north to Knoxville, Tennessee . . ."

"The Knoxville Girl", first recorded in 1924. traditional Appalachian ballad...,_Tennessee, you lookin' jacked, you've been working out?.. Do I look like I'm afraid of darth?.. You're talking To a 72 year-old man with high cholesterol, eating a bacon and cheddar omelet with extra cheddar..Do you know any Spanish.. I got a psychopath in the Batmobile...

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