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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
who were you working for when you were assessing HAARP?

were you working for a private company or a government agency and was your work in the public domain or was it kept from public view?

Also if particulates are sprayed into the atmosphere does that not change the reactivity of the atmosphere?
I didn't say I was involved in assessing HAARP. I said I was involved with international HF broadcasting and tangentially involved in ways of getting Western broadcasts through the Eastern Bloc jamming. The results were not hidden. They were presented at an International Telecommunications Union conference (but I was a far too lowly minion to attend!) in about 1987. I dare say the results are available at a price if you take out a subscription with the ITU to see their publications. Many Western broadcasts published leaflets in Russian, Polish, Romanian, Czech, etc. etc. for these listeners to try to reduce the jamming signals by making various types of antennas from aluminum foil, getting away from urban ground-wave jammers, using propagation to try to mitigate sky-wave jamming by listening at specific times. This was all in the public domain, and may still be if any of those leaflets have been scanned into websites for posterity.

There were thousands of Western and Eastern technicians involved with this. After the Wall came down many met each other to discuss the work each side did to prevent the 'propaganda' from reaching the other. Although the West never bothered to jam signals from the East, any listeners were welcome to listen to the stations if they wanted to. Not so on the other side of the Iron Curtain!

HAARP is a radio transmitter. Its frequency is discernible from its antenna design. There are very clear photos, and open days around the facility. And still nothing compared to the Soviet Woodpecker OTHR!

Particulates in the atmosphere and 'reactivity'...? What does any of that mean? Smoke/dust/sulfate particles reflect sunlight an/or encourage cloud/rain formation under certain conditions. Sulfur dioxide from burning coal causes acid rain. Do you include that? But that does not have anything to do with RF interactions with the atmosphere.
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