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Neither is it hard to understand , unless you intentionally don't want to , that Sharia was not a creation of Britain after WW1

or that through the many variations of Sharia , a form of it can emerge which takes the Quran literally and all that entails

unless you purposefully don't want to , it isn't really hard to understand that taken literally the Quran commands the believer to hold the disbelievers in utter contempt

unless you purposefully don't want to , it's really not hard to understand that the three branches of Abraham are all bearing rotten fruits and are indeed connected via freemasonry

unless you purposefully don't want to , it's really not hard to understand that it takes two to tango and that when it comes to the Islam , since the day Mohamed died there has been no singular version of Islam and no singular interpretation of Sharia

did British Intelligence write the Quran ? which is the source text for the Hadiths and therefore Sharia ?

no they did not , and attempting to pin the blame solely on ''Briton'' for Sharia is demonstrably false

I have not argued that Wahhabism is either a false version of Islam or that British Intelligence didn't have a hand in laying the groundwork for the current Suadi dynasty

my argument is that you cannot rest the blame squarely on the shoulders of '' Briton '' for a problem that existed long before the British Empire was even a thing

you all make it sound as though you are romanticizing a time when Islam was going to be this unifying human force , an empire in and of itself

you are all anti empire , but are you anti religious empire or do your hearts long for the return of the Islamic Caliphate which will in turn attempt it's own world domination ?

*edit* this is actually something which I have said before about where Danny takes these articles , because when I read them I get the impression he would like us to roll over and accept what's coming and attempts to paint a portrait of damned if you do and damned if you don't so what therefore is the point in resisting

even this quote /statement :

My advice mranderson is the sound of inevitability...
inevitability in this discussion was in relation to me taking to task the poster meme of pointing the finger at '' Britons'' and saying the problem starts and ends with you

so there is an inference that something , which is not clearly stated , is inevitable ?

what is inevitable ? the truth is inevitable but IMO half truths are not

which is why I let the facts speak for themselves , Sharia is not an invention of the British and to suggest so is misleading at best

*edit* and you all know I am one of the people who constantly states that this Rothchild banking cabal are funding and training and giving shelter to Islamic fundamentalists , using them to destabilize sovereign nations

I state that all the time because it is the truth
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