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Sharia law is simply Islamic law

same way there is Christian law, which actually is the main element behind the laws in the Western world

Basically Sharia law and Christian law are very similar in their original forms

no stealing
no adultery
no murder
women dress moderately

both Sharia and Christian law had death penalties. Western law today HAS DEATH penalties.

etc. etc

These are all the basic tenants of both Christian/Western law and Sharia/Islamic law.

The problem with Sharia law is in its interpretation which differs from country to country. Christian law is also interpreted quite differently, from denomination to denomination as you have sect of Christianity who believe in polygamy.

Sharia law in Saudi Arabia is vastly different to Sharia law in Indonesia or Egypt, or Libya under Gaddafi

So when people fearmonger about "sharia law" they don't even know what they are talking about because "sharia law" is not something universal, as I said it differs from country to country and from "expert" to "expert"

Wahabihism is the RADICAL interpretation of Sharia law which can be found in Saudi Arabia and is spread to various radical groups like ISIS or Al Qaeda.

Wahabihism was created by British Intelligence and used as a tool to fight the Ottoman empire and establish the various Gulf Monarchies which then serve the Anglo American empire to this day.

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