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Originally Posted by dannyuk View Post
My advice mr Anderson is one of inevitability...

Please do some research before replying.
I'm sorry I cannot take you seriously if you are going to begin suggesting that Sharia is a British invention imposed upon the remnants of the Ottoman Empire

it clearly is not , as Sharia as a concept is the attempt of clerics to interpret the divine revelation given in the Quran

this is just more of this worldview that everything wrong with the world is and only ever was a direct response to the aggression of the British Empire

because it's sour grapes isn't it really ?

it's lamenting the fall of the Ottoman Empire and twisting the effect of that and blaming the resulting re ordering on the '' Briton ''

which culminated in your article with the poster stating the Problem starts and ends with Briton

do you really think the problem ends with Briton ?

how are you proposing to end the problem ?

sorry Danny while I appreciate the time and effort you have put into your research , asserting that Sharia was created by the British after WW1 is just complete horse shit

it's a twisted opinion really , which has it's roots in the fall of the Ottoman Empire

if you are saying you miss the Ottoman Empire fine , lament away

if you are suggesting the world would have been a better place if the Ottoman Empire was still around then fine , have at it , procrastinate all you want

but for gods sake don't blame Briton for Sharia

that's just demonstrably false
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