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Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
Well , thought about it for a second.

Then a few minutes.

Then decided to say something. Or , TBH , let the record speak for itself.

are they lying ? are you honestly suggesting every Islamic scholar is completely bullshitting and Sharia is only a response to events during ww1 ?

I almost want to laugh.

Are we supposed to laugh at that statement or ?

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My advice mranderson is the sound of inevitability...

Next time wait a few more minutes.

Then research.

Then respond.

What is Sharia Law and how and when was it inspired?

The Last Crusade: The First World War and the Birth of Modern Islam
Seeing all the commemorations of the First World War centennial, many might ask what relevance such distant struggles can have for the modern world. Why do they matter? But if they look at the world's most dangerous storm centres today - in Iraq and Syria, across the Middle East and South Asia - they will get their answer. In these regions, as in so much of the world, the First World War created our reality.“

The Islamic world did liberalise – but then came the first world war
It seems vital to recall that hopeful century when the lands of Islam engaged lustily with modernity

Maybe I should of said Sharia Law that exists today is a deception made by the British that was established and pushed into being by the First World War itself it actually helped those who accepted Sharia Law which the British had been happy with and actually wanted Sharia Law to be in place as that’s what wars in the Middle East had been about and removal of the opposition those who didn’t accept Sharia Law. So you see the British removed Islamic groups who didn’t want Sharia Law and helped it to exist as it has continued to exist until today so they protected and defended Sharia Law why?

If you don’t have time for research or doubt sources that would dare say...

Think about it logically...

WWI we fought nations within the Middle East. Why?
Because well we wasn’t happy about something to do with those people.

After it Sharia Law was invented (the version which is backed and pushed by British powers) and we was ok with that. The British establishment never said Sharia law violated people’s human rights and was a problem which justified war as we created it after removing opposition within Middle Eastern nations just as we have created Saudi Arabia as it exists today and wahhabism at the domination of all else Islamic.

We had WWII no problem with Sharia law in fact just like WWI many Islamists who adopted this idea of Sharia law would have fought for Britain during WWII...

Then we have had all that time leading to now and the British establishment did nothing about Sharia law why?

Well here’s my opinion.

They couldn’t control Islam in the Middle East the British establishment.
Therefore they invented this extreme system based upon twisted religious ideology to say if you don’t do what we say as we have inspired by your religion then this will happen and they got equally as deceptive control freaks to run it through out the Middle East. Now they’ve destroyed the system they have created and many of those people who are use to the system, created by the British, at the very least by them clearing any opposition to the idea, have found themselves scattered around the world and now the same international powers as behind Britain have decided to use this old Sharia law relic of theirs to divide and rule, as the initial post suggests.

Please do some research before replying.

What do you mean are they lying then?

They’re not lying many people have come to accept Sharia law due to the deception tactics that have been used to justify its existence based off of religion. It’s a deception of religion in the same sense Zionism is a deception of religion and has used religion so it can say what Laws they have, what the Jews agree with and don’t as a collective religion. In reality Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism as much as Sharia law has nothing to do with Islam although many Islamists like many Jews maybe deceived into thinking that they do, and they want Sharia Law because they somehow think it’s religous or at least they’re use to that culture of law being the word of religion hence it can be deceived into what someone else thinks of religion. Don’t forget, their history is a deception like our history is and many of us believe propaganda to be the truth, especially about WWI and II and Israeli Zionism and the theft of Palestine hence my post so people will also think about this deception over Sharia Law as it’s exactly the same deception as is Zionism to Judaism.

I think you’ll find many of Islam would agree with most of our legal system in terms of civil liberties and how people should be treated humanely but they would just prefer their religion to contribute to the legal system not some guy who looks like he has poodle on his head and robes like Darth Vader aka worship of Satan/Saturn. Yes I know the Saudis also pray around a large cube but please let’s keep on point. But also remembering who created modern day Saudi Arabia again and how they also worship Saturn? Weird ain’t it. Maybe not when you know. . they’d just rather take things a little more seriously in regards to their religious merit and rather than political hence they’ve always been difficult to control politically without creating deceptions upon religion. I give you Sharia Law...

Sharia Law is a deception by these international Zionists powers and any sort of Sharia Law that existed before the British got involved is very different to what exists today it’s a legal system that has been hijacked to control by the only method these Islamists would accept to be controlled and that’s their religion. Politics doesn’t dominate like here in the west so that’s why they done this and played Islamic Groups off against one another to create more extreme forms of Islam itself.

This agenda in Britain and the powers of it know that many of these Islamists wouldn’t accept our legal system and it would be a problem so they’ve brought in Sharia Law so they can still control them by a form of law they will accept. They will destroy it and get society to a place we will all accept their single legal system you understand. So no matter what anyone thinks about this, they’re clearly building up one side to failure and that going to come by divide and rule and playing nationalists who are not Islamic off against Islamics which a mass a Chaos will justify their preconceived plans/ideas coming into being.
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If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

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