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Originally Posted by whale View Post
no kidding. Were they a warlike tribe then? You really are going for the Devil's Advocate prize here. But you haven't come up with anything I haven't already thought of and discarded, which is your whole point surely?

Try and find evidence for shapeshifting, as that is the way fowrard as far as Truth is concerned. We know they exists, so what point is there in trying to prove they don't?
So if I don't agree that every person on earth is a reptilian I am doing wrong by you?

I don't think this tribe is reptilian, if they were why the need to file down the teeth?
I think it's possible they are mutilating themselves to make them more like the devils they worship but that's about as far as I can see it. If you have a problem with me not believing this group is reptilian, you can just ignore my opinion on the subject.

I don't see how you think. You say you are looking for the truth but you seem to think we shouldn't be allowed, as believers, to suggest that any living human is not a reptilian doppelganger.
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