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Originally Posted by _cat_ View Post
Very interesting, and I think so accurate too. But it's not just Hollywood. Hollywood is big and very in your face and immediate, but all media is involved in this.

I know you will all hate this statement, but this is why it's so very important that artists of every kind must learn to censor themselves.

A long time ago now, when I really started to concentrate on writing, I was labelled by publishers a "quality writer" - lol, what this meant is that IF I could ever find a publisher to take me on as a "pet", my work might one day bring them "kudos". But the main type of writer they sought were "Fastbackers". King. The Collins sisters. Patterson. Reichs. Now Nesbo and a lot of other Scandinavian crime writers (very chic atm). These are the writers that bring in huge amounts of money very quickly, and because of this the publishers promote a market for their stories.

You can (if you look hard enough) find the little books by the "quality writers" out there - but it's unlikely to be at your airport when you're looking for something to read on the beach, or in your super-duper-supermarket; not even likely in the big bookstores anymore.

Thus, in order to earn something (which, lol, I still never have) I took to writing genre. I started to write murder stories. BUT, they've been rejected because although a whole list of publishers "love the writing and think the characters are wonderful and beautifully constructed" blah blah blah, they also don't think my work will sell because "it's too quality to be genre and too genre to be quality". They pressed me to write a "Door Opener".

And I, like a fool, have written a further 3 manuscripts, all with an increasing violence and higher body count - which were still not "gutsy" or "sexy" enough.

Last week, I started yet another murder - and just stopped. I didn't want to kill the 14 year old boy and have the detective find his hanging body in the woods... then hunt down the "perp" to prevent the body count rising...

Nah. Just nah. I thought, "Hasn't the world got enough killing in it already? Aren't enough children being killed and mutilated already, without me creating a series of young characters just to butcher them off.... for ENTERTAINMENT?"

Nah. Just nah.

I'm currently re-working the latest characters and plot into something much more positive!

We have to watch ourselves because, otherwise, we are directly feeding the evil, promoting it, no matter how much we tell ourselves we're not.
I agree Cat. Me too. Its that whole system that is just all wrong. And not for anyones highest good.

I paint. But now, when I look at a couple of my paintings I can see stuff in them that is very symbolic and not in a good way either. I have reworked one of them. there are still 2 more to be done.

There was this jewish woman who befriended me a couple of years back. I thought she was nice until one day she started a conversation about my paintings. She was honing in on the fact that I should be making money from them. Her and her husband, their faces changed noticably when they started talking about money. They got visibly upset when I explained I don't paint to make money out of it. I paint because its something I love to do. I ended the friendship with her and her husband after a particularly interesting episode regarding a crystal. I'm looking at a painting called Divine Justice and wondering what I'm going to do to change some things in it. Probably the letters need to go.
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