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cat wrote:

artists of every kind must learn to censor themselves
But, of course !!

Even freedom itself is an art. It's a hard discipline, and always has been. It is not to be confused with counterfeit libertinism or hedonism. Freedom is an art created by the best philosophers, those able to conceive of and pass on the secrets of its discipline. This art is then expanded and elaborated upon by other 'artists' to the extent that they understand the intentions of the philosopher-artists.

Most artists tend to think that they're somehow beyond the programming that infects the rest of the population. Far from it. In fact, it's a very easy thing for talentless and vastly powerful Hollywood moguls and producers to pick and finance only those artists of talent, sometimes rare talent like Martin Scorsese but most often just mediocre talent, who have incorporated their own elite agendas and fraudulent memes best, through their own artistic arrogance, laziness, useful idiocy and self-satisfaction, or through fraudulent ideologies, and will promote it in their works effectively and smoothly.

Also, the better the artist stupid enough to incorporate these messages uncritically, the more effective the propaganda. Being confronted with despicable subliminal messages in an otherwise admirable work of art, one is more likely to ignore these messages and their significance in their cumulative action with thousands of messages in hundreds of lesser works and millions of messages in thousands of pieces of trash in decades past in creating the very decadent and crumbling civilization that surrounds everyone.

So the best films have them, the hundreds of mediocre films have them and the thousands of trashy films have them, the books have them, the magazines have them, the textbooks have them, even the music lyrics have them and finally the language itself has them as well. When the entire culture has these memes from the mother's milk of the language itself then it's hard for even the rarest artists not to fall prey to them. Dennis Fetcho type hermetic qaballists and such even claim that the language is corrupted at the root levels first before everything else follows through endless repetition. This completes the effective bombardment and sets the paradigms, the lines of discussion allowed for the entire society programmed through all controlled media and as long as you have most media controlled by only a handful of people, this trend is likely to get worse. The internet is the last bastion. If they get hold of the internet the way they have everything else, it's all over. At that point, barring a physical overthrow of all power, nothing will ever change for the better and if you refuse their 'inflictions of pleasure,' then you may be cast out of society until you learn to 'inflict yourself with their pleasure' as predicted in Brave New World. But then, when you think about it, even the internet might be in large part serving as a gigantic safety valve to dissipate energies and to prevent frustrated energies being directed towards exactly such a mass revolt required that puts an end to the tyranny and the usurocracy at the root of the tyranny for good. Internet activism must become a vehicle for laser-pointing energies to specific and valid targets rather than dissipating them in a thousand different directions.

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