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Default Powerful & Disturbing Child Abuse in 2013

ozziethinker - as my evidence is before the Federal Human Rights Court I am unable to discuss it publicly - please know this - I have collected and filed every document generated over 2011, 2012, 2013 and continuing - I have safety deposit and I have documents held in trust on most of the continents on the planet.

Should anything happen to me and I am unable to upload my documents and evidence - there is a global internet community who will ensure my journey is relayed to the public. I have one group of 100,000 IT computer professionals who are ready to act on my word - unbeknowst to me they have even designed a platform for my files.

With regard to heresay - as a former operational (worked the truck, made arrests, preferred charges and compiled my own briefs) Police officer I know the meaning of heresay - my files are not based on heresay. My aim at Federal Court is to set a precedent and I will change laws - at present I have the proof to show how predators in positions of authority are circumventing the current legislation and protecting paedophiles.

Stand with me - that is all you have to do to support me - I will do the rest.

Thank you for taking the time to share your observations.

Much Peace - Amanda
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