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Originally Posted by inversedivinity View Post
Well he answered that by network. The Lucifer shit is blown out of proportion I reckon they have tried everything then back to pagan shit and back around again. And that is only their members who are seeking esoteric identity over the years and may have added to their rituals which are probably just metaphors and lessons on life and relationships maybe some dark stuff on the power differential in situations.


It is about a hierarchy and a pecking order. To say it is anti establishment is so far up the left it does not make sense.....The intrinsic value of the whole thing is order and that is because the aristocracy hijacked the whole thing at some point in it's infancy.

No esoteric powers, got well established enough so that movers and shakers may even feel they need to join to get ahead.....Once again onto network but that is ludicrous many will join and never ascend ranks the movers and shakers who join are already on their path. What they do not realise is that they can then be used by this group once group conditioning occurs.

If I was to join I'd probably be gravely disappointed in the esoteric stuff which been ripped off other ancient cultures from western christianity to eastern mysticism which can all be found on the internet with a little digging. Unfortunately people like rituals and dogma that's what their past intellectual smart cookies worked on....But yea if I was mason I'd probably want to work on bringing it into the 21st century and somehow reconciling some shit with science.
Hundreds of years ago the foundations of our whole society which spread around (infected) the world were made from: the crown, the church, government and the Masons.

There was no hijacking it was made that way.
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