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Originally Posted by icxc View Post
I don't believe. You can debate as much as you want. But some questions are very opposing you.
Where is that knowledge? Any proof? Can they levitate? Live forever?
Why is that power "secret", but power used is not secret?
Why masons generally can't be non educated people from the villiges?
Also, why do they organize them in the manner of being on power?

I will jump to Illuminati. By media, (movies, commercials, music, etc) they INDOCTRINATE AND HYPNOTIZE people to believe that they have power of some secret doctrine. No no. Don't believe! There is not a doctrine. They brainwash the population. Try to forget all THEIR instructions given by media to be free. They have money and military industry. So is their power. A pure agressive power.
Illuminati, and the high ranking masons are not in possession of any high knowledge or power.
Another spirit entering the body does not give the human any power.
The co-habiting entity might take control or influence the human.
The human gains nothing from accepting another spirit in the body.

I think most humans believe their hidden interaction with other species gives them some kind of power or rights above poeple on the matrix side of the fence.

It is not so much about having knowledge it is who you deny that knowledge to. Hence covertness and secrecy : denial of knowledge.

Coming at this knowledge from a religous stance will not provide all the answers. Religion = filter lense spectacles. Religion decides which bits are filtered in our out when people wear their brand of lenses.

I owe no allegance to any cult, group or religion. Man is a total fuckwit and thinks he can play ball or even compete with entities that have been in control here for hundreds of thousands of years. We are there engineered creation. Its a concept that man's ego is too pathetic to enter into his head or accept.

Those other species give these stupid humans glass beads in return for gold.

Man's biggest crime is his crass and utter stupidity in dealing with these entities and believing he can be in control. What a fucking bunch of idiots !
All living things will want to be present for this day when time ends, and we enter the forever cycle of the Fifth World...
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