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Originally Posted by icxc View Post
Where is that knowledge? Any proof? Can they levitate? Live forever?
Why is that power "secret", but power used is not secret?
Why masons generally can't be non educated people from the villiges?
Also, why do they organize them in the manner of being on power?

I will jump to Illuminati. By media, (movies, commercials, music, etc) they INDOCTRINATE AND HYPNOTIZE people to believe that they have power of some secret doctrine. No no. Don't believe! There is not a doctrine. They brainwash the population. Try to forget all THEIR instructions given by media to be free. They have money and military industry. So is their power. A pure agressive power.
Illuminati, and the high ranking masons are not in possession of any high knowledge or power.

We cannot levitate, we do not live forever...far too many dead Masons for that to be true.

I don't posses any "power" other than the power that education and learning provide any other man.

In my lodge we have quite a few men who are not "educated" at the same level of other in terms of Schooling. We have plenty who haven't attended college. I have attended College and don't have the education that some who haven't have. For example, I have no idea how to build a house, but one of my non college educated brothers does know how. Education is more than schooling as I have met plenty who are intelligent beyond their education and plenty who are educated beyond their intelligence.

Power is a relative term. So I am not sure how to explain your question.

As for your second paragraph about the "illuminati"..i agree.
"....neither are you to suffer your zeal for the Institution to lead you into argument with those who, through ignorance, may ridicule it."
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