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Originally Posted by welling View Post
None of you anti-mason, conspiracy theorists want to become masons, to find out about what it is actually is all about. Instead you all seem to prefer to hide behind your keyboards and attack it.
A person just has asked you about the freemasonry. Saying that someone is hiding behind his keyboard is less hidden than masons’ hiding behind their secrets.
The better question would be also - why or why not to enter masonry?

I will tell you why I wouldn’t.
1. Speaking about the “secrets” – I can say: there aren’t any secrets. They are actually stories taken from the past and from that stories is made a salad of truth and non-truth. In the masonry you will start to believe that you know some secrets, but they are just fair tales. I have read so many books of freemasons and I can say it is the most boring literature. The biggest secret of freemasonry is the secrets of networking. So, you will get punished if you reveal the secret of a lodge member name. Well, people enter a society giving an oath to be killed if..? Great society.
2. People in Masonry feel “special”. That feeling is made by brainwashing technique from the step One. I can compare it with, let us say, “the society of beautiful women”. Think you are a woman and you enter that society. You will feel better and more beautiful. You will start to believe in it, but nothing happened. It is just a placebo effect on your brain. Since there are not any secrets, with their brainwashing techniques, which is mostly a fear-technique, your mental concept will change and you will start to believe you know more than other, since you are delighted. So please, tell me what is that delighted state of a high-ranking mason? There is no any secret and not any light. People on the LSD get lighter. You are the same person, and you live as before, you sleep, you eat, you drink and go to toilet. So please, if the secrets of being the God is achieved, so why do you need it? Next life? Please...
3. It is not only non-Christian, but anti-Christian movement. It is directly dealing with Lucifer, and we know what is Lucifer, Luce, Light. It is not the Christian light of the Holy Trinity, but the Christian light of Lucifer. It is the promised light of being as God. As I said before, it is not possible to achieve the Truth if you make a mixture of truth and non-truth. If you see what is included in Masonry you will get a headache. It is a terrible hardcore ego-trip. I believe in the conception of The Holy Trinity, the very hard philosophy. You can inform you by reading for instance Philokalia. It is the concept of the world which is only possible sustainable as such.
4. Masonry is an entrance to the higher occultist movements such OTO or Illuminati. On this forum you can maybe find an OTO member but you will never find an Illuminate. They don’t sit here. But OTO is openly dealing with dark powers trough some advanced brainwashing techniques with fear and sex. The people get completely crazy there having a sex with a demon – a temporary schizophrenic state of one’s personality. That is “the secret”. Nothing is illuminated or hidden. But question if OTO is under the law!
5. The power of Masonry is not in their “secret doctrine” or some “occult powers”. Their power is in networking which is going against the state. It is truth if your brother mason is in danger you have to help him despite the law! Far enough about honesty. All power of Masonry is in their network of powerful people. The most politician, banksters and other capitalists are masons. The power of NWO is not in their knowing of the “illuminated truth” or “mystical powers” or whatever. The power of NWO is a pure, physical power of media, industry, military, technique and money. Anyone can be powerful as such. Even my granny if she gets all this. I would shame to have such power.
6. One can be delighted without masonry. You can search the truth and give help to poor not being in any secret society. You can achieve a deep knowledge by yourself. But when you give a critique to a mason about masonry he replies: “you don’t know anything about that, inform yourself, you hate to much” or so. They are two different kinds of masons. The first are people not interested in making a fast progression in the grades. They are involved usually as simple Christian people. For them it is a kind of pat-position. You have stepped on a mine and can’t lift your foot. You just do what is necessary – you go to the lodge, discuss some “delights”, play chess, eat good food and pay a monthly fee.

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