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Here is an example of a 1oz silver coin direct from the mint. This is lower purity than the ones I have, this one is .958 silver. (I have one of these). Mine are generally .999 silver. You can google different mints around the world to check pictures. Best would be to view some and get the feel of what real money is. After you've handled a few, you'll get a feel for it. Pure silver tarnishes black. Ebay sellers are rated, so find one with an excellent rating or a professional dealer and get hold of proper examples as benchmarks. Best to make sure that they are in good condition. Lot's of mine are in protective plastic holders and look stunning. Silver looks much nicer than gold (in my opinion). My favourites and the Aussie and Mexican though I know that the US Eagles sell the best.

In the end you'd have to ask how worthwhile it would be to make a forged coin and sell it for under £15. I get the feeling that a lot of people just want to get rid of silver at the moment with the latest price drop. Unless you were a dealer selling thousands of coins, what point would there be to sell a single coin or anything under 10's of coins at these prices? Silver has been made almost worthless because governments have been dumping cheap silver on the market for 60 years. They've now just about run out.
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