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Default Cestui Que Vie Trust

This text was dictated from Santos Bonacci "Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican", on Youtube.

I have my personal understanding of the subject, but have found that in order to understand it yourself and how it applies to you, you have to do the research yourself, I was just making people aware of the media that is available about freeman on the land as I couldn't find this type of document anywhere, so I dictated the text and placed it online for SEO to pick it up and spread it.

For more resources and information, please go to :

I am not a professional on this type of law, I just raise awareness with what I can.

The above link is a podcast that discussed more about legal rebellion....


Sorry I haven't replied until now, but I have been on other forums.

Again, I apologize for not being of good help to your questions, but I would rather not get over my head, I raise awareness, that is all.

If I was to give advice, it would just cause friction on the forum and I want to get along with everyone here (well as many as I can!), the only personal advice I have about this matter is that as long as you don't identify with the trust, your name, then the trust can't be constructed.

I would be interested in joining an activism group that has a comprehensive knowledge on how to spearhead this movement, however.

I don't recommend that you take anything on this subject that is dictated or made in to template as a good source, I wouldn't want anyone to just take what I have placed on here as gospel and get themselves into trouble, I am only making terms and ideas visible to help point to new topics.

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