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The best thing to say in that case is “John Doe, is indeed in the court, your Honour.” Point to the Judge.
“It is you, as trustee, you are John Doe, today, aren’t you?”
Oh man, that's great. Would this mean that the judge would now be hauled off to prison if "John Doe" was found guilty. This sounds like the ultimate legal tactic.

If the Judge goes to leave the court for recess, then you must acknowledge – “The Judge has jumped ship, for the record, he has abandonded ship and I as Sovereignty in this court take control! Case closed! With Prejudice!”
Another great idea. So if the judge leaves then you get to be the judge. Why follow this advice and say "case closed?" Why not order the judge to pay you a million dollars and then close the case. I can imagine in a really important case the judge and the freeman would both be camped out in the courtroom for days, peeing in jars and slowly wasting away, not wanting to be the first one to "abandon ship."

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