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Exclamation Cestui Que Vie Trusts - How to reclaim Dominium

We need to wake up.
The society we live in is nothing but a filthy pyramid scheme of mind control.

Pope Boniface VIII in 1302 during the Inquisition, an “express trust” was created with a Papal Bull called “Unnam Sanctum”.

It created this and it created the Roman Empire from Roman Cult Sorcery.

It has 3 different “Cestui Que Vie” trusts-

1. Romanus Pontifex
2. Aeterni Regis
3. Convocation

All law is Ecclesiastical Law. This law allows “Constructive Trusts” to be created.

These trusts demand you retire before 75, because that is outside the law of the trust to claim.

In a courtroom you have an Administrator, Trustee, Executor and a Beneficiary.

A person taken in to court is the Beneficiary. Your Birth Certificate is nothing more than the title of the Trust, the Judge in a court, who is basically an Administrator, asks for the person’s name, if you give your name, the one on your birth certificate, then you are allowing the Judge (Administrator), to swap roles with you as the beneficiary.

A constructive trust is defined as – “Constructive trusts in English law are a form of trust created by the courts primarily where the defendant has dealt with property in an "unconscionable manner", but also in other circumstances; the property will be held in "constructive trust" for the harmed party, obliging the defendant to look after it.”

Once they have the name, you have given the fiction of the Cestui Que Vie Trust, life. It is nothing but modern slavery; it allows the Stock shares, which are generated by your birth certificate, to be taken from you.

The Government has to supply evidence to a Monetary Fund that proves there is a demand for money, your Birth Certificate is proof of that. If you have “dealt with property in an unconscionable manner”, then the Judge, or the state, has the power if you identify with the name on the trust, to take this property off you. The Judge receives a commission, the public purse is relieved of an expense, but you still exist as demand, so whether or not you are able to contribute, if you are part of the trust, you are not permitted to be a beneficiary.

The Clerk is the Trustee, the Prosecutor is the Executor. The Prosecutor has the liability, they create the summons to a hearing. Once you admit to being the beneficiary to the trust, then the Executor becomes the beneficiary and you become the Executor and you execute your own sentence. If you don’t identify with the trust, then the Executor has to pay, as they have bought the proceedings to claim.

The Ecclesiastical factor means that a courtroom is about the “Sacrament of Penance.” This means that you are a “Sinner”, you have been a source of funding for the Stock Exchange and the system has now capitalized on your felony, your predisposition as a sinner, so you are no longer permitted to handle the property of the state in an unconscionable manner, the Ecclesiastical Trust in the court represents Church Law, the Judge, Clerk and Prosecutor and even your own Lawyer or Solicitor, are representatives of the Church, they are in business with God, Priests. If you sin, they are saying that they can offer forgiveness by getting you to confess and identify with the trust and that you will be “forgiven” by God, if you give them the money that your existence and name permits the banks and the Governments to make money “out of thin air”.

It is an Administration of credits from the Kingdom of Heaven. This “Administration” is “Penance”.

It only works with confession; it runs like the Church and is a glorified confession booth.

You basically through your identifying with the trust, the accuser, the person accused and the witness and the Priests give the Judgement and the sentence and has the power to forgive sins.

They manage the indulgencies, which are sins committed after forgiveness.

They have monetized sinning, which has got to be a problem in our disastrous economy. Instead of using your money in this corrupt trust to solve problems with technology and make resources of the Earth every human’s inheritance, they instead create legal fictions like this.

A warrant is only in place to indemnify the Queen from being sued if they lose, a warrant also allows a “Writ”, which is basically a “Rite”, which is a religious term for a spell, to be sealed and indemnify the Monarchy. The basic truth is that it is illegal to send people to jail; it is only this inhumane legislation of reinterpreted madness that permits fraud.

A Writ is also an indulgence, but because of all this reinterpreting, no one picks up on the madness of it all, the piracy.

Prosecutor can be broken down in Latin to mean –“Representing one’s own flesh, or a person who is claiming to be you, making a false accusation”.

If the Prosecutor can’t get you to swap roles, then they have to pay the liability and they receive no commission from your trust account. You are nothing more than a bank account.

The way out of this is just as insane as the trust.

Instead of having a birth certificate, you can have an Ecclesiastical Birth Certificate called a Live Born Record. This is an independent system that doesn’t identify with the trust. It means that you have documented proof you are divine and so you can’t sin!

By this fact, if you have a birth certificate, then your soul is owned by the state and ultimately, the Vatican!

You can also say this in court, you don’t have to go to prison, no one does, it is all illegal.

When the name of the trust is called for instance the “John Doe” trust, you can say, “Are you saying that the trust we are now administering is called the John Doe trust, your Honour?”

The very mention of this knowledge will put the fear of God into the Judge.

Don’t ever identify with the trust.

“We can now establish that the trust is the name of a trust ‘Not a live man’, what is your next question your Honour?”

Judge – “What is your name?”

You must be very careful not to identify with the name of the trust because doing so makes us the trustee. What does this tell you about the Judge? If we know that the Judge is the trustee, then we know that the Judge is the name, but only for this particular constructive trust.

As you will notice the Judge will become frustrated with the refusal to admit being the name, that they will issue a warrant and as soon as the man leaves they arrest him, how idiotic is that?

They must feel foolish for admitting that John Doe is not in the Court, so I’m issuing a warrant for his arrest and as soon as the man they just admitted is not there to be arrested because he is there.

They must get us to admit to being the name or they pay and we must not accept their coercion or we pay because the Judge is the Trustee, a precarious position.

The best thing to say in that case is “John Doe, is indeed in the court, your Honour.” Point to the Judge.
“It is you, as trustee, you are John Doe, today, aren’t you?”

Why not? We are men and women, we are not persons. We have Dominium.

During their frustration over not admitting to being a trust name, the trustee and/or the executor of the trust, we ought to ask who they are.

“Before we go any further, I need who you are.” Address the Clerk of the court.
“The trustee for the Cestui Que Vie trust owned by (STATE/COUNTY/PROVINCE), are you the Cestui Que Vie trustee who has appointed this Judge, as a trustee for the Cestui Que Vie trust owned by (STATE/COUNTY/PROVINCE)?”

“Are you the Cestui Que Vie trustee who has appointed this Judge as Administrator and trustee of the constructive trust case (case number(s))?”

“Did you also appoint the prosecutor as executor of this constructive trust?” Then point to the Judge.

“So you are the trustee,”, then point to prosecutor, “you are the executor, are you not? And I am the beneficiary.”

“So now we know who’s who, I as the beneficiary, I authorise you, to handle the accounting, and dissolve this constructive trust.”

This is the power we have, dissolve this confession; I’m not into sin, I’m Divine.

You are a spirit, they view you as a dead soul, lost at sea, minor, and incompetent and award of the state.

“I now claim my body, so I am collapsing the Cestui Que Vie trust, which you have charged, as there is no value in it. You have committed fraud against all laws likely we will not get to hear that before the Judge will order. Case Dismissed!”

Or even more likely – the prosecutor will say clutching his cheque book
“We’ve withdrawn the charges.”

There are 100,000s of people doing this.

When you go to court, magistrates, you are under UCC law, this means you can only be fined.

When the Judge has a recess he can change it to Canon Law or Maritime Admiralty Law, this can sentence you to prison.

Admiralty Law is in play as you are then seen as lost at sea, you are officially stock on a port and they now have the power to store you in a warehouse (prison).

If the Judge orders the Bailiffs to throw you out of court, then you can say “Don’t do that, you are dishonouring a court official.”, because the documents have been handed to the bailiff.

If the Judge goes to leave the court for recess, then you must acknowledge – “The Judge has jumped ship, for the record, he has abandonded ship and I as Sovereignty in this court take control! Case closed! With Prejudice!”

If the Judge says they are going to have a recess, you can decline it, as it is an offer. “Your Honour, I don’t consent.”

If it is adjourned, then it stays in the same court, so just follow the above.

Always relay that “I seek leave for an Interlocketary appeal, on a matter of law.”

If you say this, the Judge will be reluctant to go to appeal because he will be losing out on commission.

Go to Santos Bonacci “Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican” on Youtube, this is all there with resources.
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